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Re: 006 field for electronic journals (Jean Hirons) Marcia Tuttle 04 Apr 2000 12:36 UTC

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 08:14:45 -0400
From: Jean L Hirons <jhir@LOC.GOV>
Subject: Re: 006 field for electronic journals (patricia Thompson)

The 006 for computer file is not used in records that include the
electronic version because the record is for the print, not for the
electronic.  The 006 is a counterpart to the 008 and can only be given
for the item being described. It is used when the item being described
in multidemensional, such as an electronic map, serial, etc.  Please
remember that the single record option is not a multiple versions
approach.  We are noting the existence of the electronic, not fully
describing it.  We must be able to recognize the record as standing
for the print.

The newly defined code s in the form of item and form of original
item in field 008 will help out with this equation.  We will be
working on instructions for its use shortly.

There has also been confusion over the use of the 007 in records that
use the single record option.  It is still optional for CONSER.  At
the CONSER At Large meeting in January, we discussed making this a
local practice only because of the problems of identifying records
that are distributed to the ISSN Center.  However, the new code s may
help with this, so we will be reexamining our policy in light of the
new coding.

So to summarize: when using the single record approach and the record
is for the print and notes the electronic:  do not use a CF 006; use
of a CF007 is optional.

Jean Hirons

I was reviewing and updating the procedures I wrote for myself for
cataloging electronic journals and websites, and I ran into a
that got me confused all over again.

If we have a journal title in both print and electronic form, I am
the single bibliographic record approach as described in the CONSER
Cataloging Manual Module 31 for Remote Access Computer File Serials.
is available at

Why is that we're not supposed to add an 006 field to these

Pat Thompson

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