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Re: Does this strike you as odd? Deborah Harrell 01 Jun 2000 17:18 UTC

> However, most of them are able to find the information they need by
> looking us up by zip code. Or if I give them one of their invoice
> numbers that we've used to pay for a subscription, they can find our
> customer number--which is generally all they want.

Publishers are not the real problem; distribution agents (read Neodata,
Palm Coast Data, etc.) are the bad guys.  Agents don't know us and really
don't care.

> It doesn't strike me as odd, but it does make me wonder: how do these
> publishers deal with claims from vendors?

Larger vendors send proof of payment will the claims.  That is the link.
But they, too, have trouble with agents.

Debbie Harrell
Irvine S. Ingram library
State Univ. of West Georgia