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Library workplace conflict survey (fwd) Eleanor Cook 05 Jun 2000 13:59 UTC

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Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 09:01:38 -0500
From: Jack Montgomery <>
Subject:  Library Workplace/Conflict Survey

   Library Workplace/Conflict Survey

  A colleague of mine and I are currently writing a book on conflict
  in library organizations.  We would like a few minutes of your time
  in helping gauge the climate of the modern library workplace.

  This instrument is designed to survey your personal thoughts,
  attitudes and feelings about your position and your organization.
  It is a totally confidential document and your candidness will only
  improve the quality of the results.  We also welcome your
  anecdotes and comments.  No comments will be printed verbatim
  unless you specify, but will be paraphrased to protect your
  confidentiality.  You'll notice that this survey uses informal
  language and asks for personal assessments.  This is intentional in
  order to solicit as frank and candid a response as possible, not to
  follow the stricter guidelines and language of most traditional

  Demographic Information

  I.   Gender:
       a. Male   b. Female

  II.  Age:
       a. 20-29
       b. 30-39
       c. 40-49
       d. 50-59
       e. 60+

 III.  Education:
       What is your highest level of education?

  IV.  Years of service in libraries?
          a. 1-10
          b. 11-20
          c. 21-30
          d. 30+

  V. In your institution, are you officially considered:
        a. Faculty
        b. Staff
        c. Administrator or Director
        d. Other (PLEASE SPECIFY):

  VI.  Do you, as a part of your position, have direct supervision
        a. Yes
        b. No
        c. Not officially, but I do supervise

 THE WORKPLACE IN GENERAL: (check all that apply)

  I.  Why were you hired to do this job?
      a.  Your academic credentials
      b.  Experience in area of specialization
      c.  Experience in supervision/management
      d.  Other (PLEASE SPECIFY):

  II. Why was your supervisor/administrator hired?
      a. Academic credentials
      b. Experience in supervision/management
      c. I do not know
      d. Other (PLEASE SPECIFY):

 III. If you supervise, are you:
      (IF NOT SUPERVISING, CHECK HERE____ AND SKIP TO Questions i and j)
      a. Comfortable with your role?   Yes_____  NO______
      b. Feel you have adequate support from your superiors in
         matters of supervision?
         Yes_____     No_____     Not Applicable______
      c. Feel you can adequately communicate with your superiors?
         Yes_____    No_____ Not Applicable_____
      d. Feel your subordinates have confidence in your
         capabilities as a supervisor?
         Yes_____  No_____
      e. Feel you have an opportunity to be creative or innovative in
         your work and supervision?
          Yes____      No_____
      f. Feel that the work you do is appreciated by your
            Yes_____     No_____     Not applicable______
      g. Feel that the work you do is appreciated by your
           fellow supervisors?
           Yes_____     No______
      h. Feel that the work you do is appreciated by your
           Yes_____     No_____
      i. Feel that you are satisfied with your interactions with your
           colleagues(those working at your same level)
           Yes _____     No_____
      j. Feel a genuine sense of accomplishment with your work
         and satisfied with your professional life?
            Yes____ No______

  IV. With regard to your library organization:

      a. Is hard work and initiative valued?  Yes____  No____
      b. Is there a sense of comradery among the  staff?
         Yes_____ No____
      c. What role does office/institutional politics play in your
         work life? (Check all that apply)
          1. It plays a role in my work life.
          2. It plays a large role in my work life.
          3. It does not play a role in my work life.
          4. It has a positive impact on my work life.
          5. It has a negative impact on my work life.
      e. Is there an overall organizational climate in your
           workplace?  Is it ...
          1. Positive
          2. Negative
          3. Neutral
      f. How would you characterize this climate?
         1. Supportive
         2. Friendly
         3. Ambivalent
         4. Angry
         5. Paranoid
         6. Intimidating/inducing fear
         7. Combative
         8. Frustrating
         9. Tell us in your words:

      g.  How would you describe the role administration plays in creating
           and maintaining this climate?
         1. Positive role
         2. Neutral role
         3. Negative role
         4. Ambiguous role
         5. Tell us in your words:


  I. Is there internal organizational conflict in your workplace?
      Yes_____  No______
      Frequently?  Yes_____   No_____

  II. Who is involved usually?
     (Rank 1 most often to 10 least often)
       a. staff against staff _____
       b. staff against supervisor_____
       c. supervisor against staff______
       d. librarian against librarian_____
       e. faction against faction_____
       f. librarian against administrator _____
       g. administrator against librarian
       h. administrator against staff
       i. staff against administrator
       j. Others and who? ( PLEASE SPECIFY)

  III. Do problems from the personal lives of those at work,
  including yourself, ever make an appearance in the workplace?
       Yes_____      No_______
       If so, how often?
       c.Not often_____

  IV. What impact do personal problems have to the workplace?
      a. Distracting_____
      b. Time consuming_____
      c. Causes conflict______
      d. Tell us in your own words:

   V. What forms does conflict take?
       (Rank 1 most often to 5 least common)
      a. Verbal debate_____
      b. Verbal shouting_____
      c. Written communication (includes e-mail)_____
      d. Silent treatment______
      e. Group Argument_____
      f. Other:

  VI. Has an act of physical violence ever taken place at work?
      (interpersonal, not patron behavior)
       Yes_____    No_____

  VII.What forms has it take?  (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):
      a. Physical assault
      b. Verbal threats
      c. Items thrown
      d. Other (please specify):

  VIII. Were police/security summoned?   Yes_____    No______

  IX.  Were legal actions taken?  Arrests____  Summons_____
        Other (please specify):

  X. What happened as a result of all of this?   (Tell us in your own

  XI. Who takes a role in helping to resolve your conflicts? (check all
  that apply) then rank their effectiveness in helping to resolve the
  conflicts.( 1 being most effective to 6 being least effective)
   1.  Only those directly involved______Rank_____
   2.  Supervisor________Rank_____
   3.  Administrator_______ Rank_____
   4.  Institutional counselors/mediators_____ Rank_____
   5.  A group of peers______Rank_____
   6.  Other(specify)____________________Rank____

  XII.  What could be done to reduce conflict in your organization?

  XIII.  Is there anything you wish to add?(a story of conflict or

  Jack Montgomery, Coordinator for Collection Services
  309 Cravens Library Complex
  Western Kentucky University
  One Big Red Way
  Bowling Green, KY  42101
  (270) 745-6156      (270) 745-3958 FAX