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Re: From no title to caption title -- Steve Shandle Stephen D. Clark 27 Jun 2000 17:36 UTC

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Subject: Re: From no title to caption title -- Elizabeth Fenwick
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:22:07 -0700
From: Steve Shadle <>

Elizabeth -- I might edit 245, transcribing it from the first issue on
which the title appeared and note that earliest issues don't have title.
In principle, this is similar to LCRI 12.0F:

For serials, when there is evidence from later issues or other
presentations of the title in the piece being described that there is an
inaccuracy or misspelling in the title proper of the item, do not
transcribe the inaccuracy or misspelling as it appears followed by [sic]
or give a missing letter or letters in square brackets or add i.e. and
correction in square brackets (cf. 1.0F).  Instead, use the correct form
as the title proper and give the rejected form as an added entry with an
explanatory note.

chief source:
        Housing starts
        245 00 $a Housing starts
        246 1# $i Issue for 1986 has title: $a Housing sarts
        500 ## $a Description based on 1986; title from cover.

I'm not saying this is an application of 12.0F, only that I think this
an analogous situation where the later issues provide the accurate
information not found in earlier issues.

I agree with you that adding later title as a 246 to record with
title doesn't seem correct.  Whether you treat it as a single title (as
above) by retranscribing or treat it is a separate record I think will
depend on what the pieces look like.  Serials cataloging often involves
certain amount of guesswork when provided with incomplete information
recataloging is pretty common when your original guess doesn't pan
out.  Hope this helps.  --Steve

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