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ALA Program: Evaluating the Outsourcing of Technical Services -- Mary Monson Stephen D. Clark 15 Jun 2000 12:41 UTC

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Subject: ALA Program: Evaluating the Outsourcing of Technical Services
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 18:21:31 -0500
From: Mary Monson <>

Evaluating the Outsourcing of Technical Services: How Do You Know You're
There, If You Don't Know Where You're Going

Saturday, July 8, 2000 9:00-11:00 AM, McCormick Place Room N427 b,c

The outsourcing of technical services operations has gone from a
controversial option to a more routine choice in libraries. How do
technical services librarians and administrators assess the
of these outsourcing arrangements? What has happened to quality control?
Has outsourcing helped the library achieve its goals? Learn how to
evaluate library programs and hear about the experiences of two
in evaluating vendor services and their ultimate effect on library
operations and patron satisfaction.

Speakers: Maureen Sullivan, Organizational Development Consultant;
Albright, Director of Cultural Affairs & Libraries, University of Maine;
Carolyn Gray, Director of Library Services, Florida Gulf Coast
and Rick Block, Head, Original and Special Materials Cataloging,
University, moderator.

This program is sponsored by the ALCTS Commercial Technical Services