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Bindery procedures -- Sarah Tusa Stephen D. Clark 15 Jun 2000 17:04 UTC

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Subject: Bindery procedures
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:23:17 -0500
From: Sarah Tusa <>

Hi.  Does anybody have a set of written bindery procedures that he/she
could share with me?  I realize procedures are somewhat customized, but
I can make my own adjustments.  I just need some kind of framework as
a springboard, but the more detailed, the better.  Oral tradition is
great for folklore, but not for reassigning major areas of

PLEASE respond to: and NOT to the list.

Thanks in advance for your help.  And, while I'm here, ENORMOUS  thanks
to all who responded to the NASIG survey back in March.

Sarah Tusa            
Serials Acquisitions Librarian
Mary & John Gray Library
PO Box 10021
Beaumont, TX  77710-0021