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More notes -- Chris Blackman Stephen D. Clark 19 Jun 2000 13:42 UTC

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Subject: More notes
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 08:15:42 -0400
From: Chris Blackman <>

With all of the recent discussion about notes I thought that I'd throw
this out for comment.

How have your libraries decided to deal with related information
available via a Web site (not the serial itself in online format, but
something like data sets on which the serial is based)? This comes up
now in relation to the changes happening at the GPO.  Some serials are
expected to cease in paper format and be continued only by a Web
site/page that contains the information on which the serial was based.

Obviously, it would be nice for the reference librarians to know that
essentially the same information is still available even though the
serial is dead. I'm thinking that a 580 note without a companion linking
note would be appropriate, but I'm curious how other people have dealt
with this.  Another question is how to deal with the URL or PURL (we
don't want to put it in an 856 as this displays prominently in our
Webpac--we think most users would assume that it was a link for the
serial not related info.)

Thanks for any and all comments or musings.

Chris Blackman
Catalog Librarian
Williams College Sawyer Library
Williamstown, MA  01267