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Providing Access to Issues in "Bind Prep" (Dennis Goodyear) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 20 Jul 2000 17:25 UTC

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 07:22:30 -0600
From: Dennis Goodyear <dgoodyea@DU.EDU>
Subject: Providing Access to Issues in "Bind Prep"

We are interested in hearing what other serials/periodicals
units are doing to manage incomplete volumes that have been pulled
from current periodicals shelves but must wait for backordered issues
to fill in gaps before going to the bindery.  Sometimes the backorder
process can take several months, and we have a growing number of
volumes being held up in what we call "Bind Prep."

Due to lack of space, we usually don't have the option of leaving
all of the material out on the shelf, so we have been keeping a growing
number of volumes back in Tech Services, thus hindering patron access.

Does anyone have any options that help keep these incomplete volumes
available to patrons, such as using temporary binding methods?
Where do you keep such items, with the bound periodicals or
still with current issues?  If you do temporary binding, do you
have policies or restrictions on what you would bind this way as
opposed to sending it off for the full treatment?

Any ideas on procedures that are working well for your library
will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis Goodyear
Cataloging Technician, Serials
Penrose Library, University of Denver
(303) 871-3447


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