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Pennsylvania Medicine -- Bridget Clancy Stephen D. Clark 28 Jul 2000 13:23 UTC

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Subject: Pennsylvania Medicine
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:21:20 -0400
From: Bridget Clancy <>


I just wanted to pass on some information that may be helpful to others.

Our library has a subscription to _Pennsylvania Medicine_, published by
Pennsylvania Medical Society.  A couple of weeks ago, we received an
(it is in a tabloid-style format), accompanied by a magazine-type
publication, with the title _Pennsylvania Medicine_, which on the cover
"Summer 2000" and "Supplement to Pennsylvania Medicine."  The tabloid
the magazine both had notices saying that the tabloid-style publication
ceasing with this current issue, and instead of receiving that,
would only receive e-mail updates and bulletins.  BUT, they would
to receive the "new" _Pennsylvania Medicine_, which was for patients and
consumers to read, and that could be displayed in the physicians'

I contacted the person at the e-mail address listed, and asked the

1.  Was my interpretation of the format, audience, etc. chage correct?
2.  Was the title going to remain _Pennsylvania Medicine_, or was it
to change after this "supplement" issue?
3.  Would the e-mail bulletins be likely to have any type of continuing
title or regular pattern of publication?  (OK, I knew the answer to this
would be most likely to be "no", but I had to try ...)

To the individual's credit, I received a prompt response.  As to my
question, yes, my interpretation was correct.

Second, the title will remain _Pennsylvania Medicine_, so that readers
feel comfortable with the continuing credibility of the magazine."

And three, as I suspected, no, there will not be any real organization
the e-mail communications.  They will be info on "breaking news."

I just thought that other libraries that receive this title and either
haven't figured it out yet, or maybe haven't received the latest issue,
would like to know what I was able to find out from the publishing

Good luck!

Bridget Arthur Clancy
Serials and Electronic Collections Librarian
Scott Memorial Library
Thomas Jefferson University
1020 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107-5587
(215) 503-8406