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Re: Publishers Weekly volume changes (5 messages) Birdie MacLennan 23 Jan 2001 20:02 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:26:23 -0500
From:         Joseph Sollitto <sollitto@FAXON.COM>
Subject:      Re: Publishers Weekly volume changes

To all:

A telephone conversation with the Customer Service department of
Publisher's weekly has confirmed that the volume numbering is in error.

The issues should be numbered as follows:

January 1, 2001 v.248:no.1
January 8, 2001 v.248:no.2
January 15, 2001        v.248:no.3

The publisher will correct this at some point, however, no time frame was

Joseph A. Sollitto
Editor, Serials Updating Service
Faxon, A Rowecom Company
fax: 800-442-7896

Date:         Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:41:30 -0500
From:         "J. Shore" <shorej@THPL.ORG>
Subject:      Re: Publishers Weekly volume changes

Lynn Eaton wrote:

> Has anyone else noticed that Publishers Weekly has changed its volume for
> each issue since Jan. 1 2001?
> Jan 1 was v. 248
> Jan 8 was v. 249
> Jan 15 was v. 250
>  Has anyone called the pub on this one?


I emailed the publisher about it yesterday. Yes they know about the
problem and have corrected it for the Jan 22 issue. The volume should be
248. They also mentioned that they put a correction notice in the Jan
15th issue, but the error on that issue compounded the confusion.

J. Shore
Serials Librarian / Cataloger
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library

Date:         Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:13:25 -0500
From:         Donna Hudgins <dhudgins@MWC.EDU>
Subject:      Publishers Weekly numbering


We just checked with Publishers Weekly editors who have told us to use v.
248 for issues dating Jan. 1, Jan. 8, and Jan 15, 2001.  In other words,
all issues for 2001 will now say v.248.

Donna Hudgins
Mary Washington College

Date:         Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:27:31 -0500
From:         Deej Baker <>
Subject:      Re: Publishers Weekly volume changes

Yes I noticed, I am assuming that they really want 248, sorry , did not
contact publisher.


Deej Baker                      voice:  804-924-4958
Cataloging/Periodicals          fax:  804-982-4579
P.O. BOX 400151                 e:
Alderman Library
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA  22904-4151

Date:         Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:02:28 -0500
From:         Donna Hudgins <dhudgins@MWC.EDU>
Subject:      Publishers Weekly

Has anyone had problems with the numbering of Publishers Weekly?  Looks
like this:

Jan. 1, 2001-    v. 248, no.1
Jan. 8, 2001-    v. 249, no.2
Jan. 15, 2001-  v. 250, no.3

Looks pretty straightforward, but this is an usual pattern. The norm is
using the same volume number for 51 issues.  We've called the customer
relations department at Publishers Weekly, but they seem unaware of the
situation...  Has anyone heard anything?

Donna Hudgins
Serials Management Librarian
Mary Washington College
Fredericksburg, VA 22401