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ISSN for online serial in single record approach Biserka Mrzljak 23 Jan 2001 22:10 UTC

I am unable to find any explanation for the ISSN of an online version of
its print equivalent, in the single record approach, in order to be
retrievable. The only place that the ISSN is recorded is in 776 tag,
however, this field is a note and not an access entry, and it is
associated with the 1st indicator 1, i.e., it is not displayable, as
there is no entry to link it to.

O22, ISSN, should be associated only with a unique serial title,
however, the online equivalents often carry a different ISSN of their
print counterparts.

There are two conflicting pieces of information in:

USMARC21: the field 022 is annotated as (R), i.e., repeatable, [page
updated Feb. 1999];

CONSER: the field 022 is annotated as (NR), non repeatable [page updated

Any comment on this would be appreciated.

Biserka Mrzljak
Cataloguing Liaison Librarian for Serials
Technical Services
University of Western Ontario Libraries
tel. 519 661-2111 tel. 84829