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Re: On Magazine David Jordan (24 Jan 2001 23:19 UTC)

Re: On Magazine David Jordan 24 Jan 2001 23:19 UTC


Here's what we've figured out so far:  On Magazine (ISSN pending) is the
new title of Time Digital.  The last issue of Time Digital is vol. 5 n. 9
(JAN/FEB 2001).  The first copy of On Magazine we received is vol. 6 n.1
(MARCH 2001).  We did not receive the Feb 5 issue you refer to.

Hope this helps,

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At 03:45 PM 1/24/01 -0500, Anne Liebst  wrote:
>Ok, I think I have a real puzzle for the list!
>When Life Magazine ceased publication we received Time Digital Magazine as
>a fulfillment.  (Never mind that we were already getting it as a paid
>subscription to Time.)  On Jan. 22, 2001 I received a postcard from On
>Magazine Customer Service informing me Life Magazine will only appear as a
>special newsstand issue and all remaining issues from our paid Life
>subscription would be honored with On Magazine formerly Time Digital
>Here are my questions:
>When did Time Digital Magazine cease publication or did it cease
>Is On Magazine simply a title change?
>The first issue we received for On Magazine is for v.157 n.5A for Feb. 5,
>2001.  What is the vol. and no. for the first issue of On Magazine?  How
>many issues are we missing?
>The cover and table of contents page indicates On Magazine is really titled
>On Monthly.  However, publication information indicates it is a weekly with
>two issues combined into one at year end.  What is the correct title?
>Any help would be very much appreciated!
>Anne Liebst
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