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Water & Wastewater International / WaterWorld (was: Wasted efforts & strange UnderWaterWorlds Bernd-Christoph Kaemper 24 Jan 2001 23:21 UTC

I got a response from the publisher. I thought their "last joint issue"
was also their first, but never mind: time's arrow is still uncertain
in their publishing office (vide 'February issue of 2000'), but at
least they promise a correct volume number, next time :-)

B.-C. Kaemper

Pam Wolfe wrote:

Mr. Kaemper,

WWI will resume its A4 size in the February issue of 2000. PennWell
reorganised its Water Division last year by separating WaterWorld and
WWI operations. The December issue of WWI and WaterWorld's
Construction issue was their last joint issue.

You will continue to receive WWI -- this time with a correct volume


Pamela Wolfe
Managing Editor
Water & Wastewater International
41MacDonald Drive
Nashua, NH 03062 USA

Tel: (603) 888 7718
Fax: (603) 888 5923

   Reply To:
   Sent:   Wednesday, January 24, 2001 10:32 PM
   Subject:        Water & Wastewater International / WaterWorld

   Dear Publisher,

   In 2000, our library received the following issues

   - "February 2000, volume 15, issue 1"
   - "April 2000, volume 15, issue 2"
   - "June 2000, volume 15, issue 3"
   - "August 2000, volume 16 [!], issue 4"
   - "October 2000, volume 14 [!], issue 5"
   - "December 2000, volume 14 [!], issue 6"

   The October issue was accompanied by a looseleaf letter from the
   managing editor announcing a "relaunch featuring a new layout and
   cover design" in A4 size. Apparently also featuring a sudden
   glitch in the volume count ...
   To complete the confusion, the December issue (received Jan 18) came
   up with an undercover title change. The journal returned to letter
   size and still has "Water & Wastewater International" on it, but the
   impressum and running title inside has "WaterWorld, vol.16, no.11" [!].

   Now I wonder whether "Water & Wastewater International" is being
   absorbed into "WaterWorld", and you just mailed this special undercover
   version to formally complete the subscription of existing WWI
   customers, or whether you just decided to sent the special annual
   issue (construction review 2000) of WaterWorld to WWI subscribers as
   well (only under a different cover!). Anyhow, it seems that this isn't
   just a mistake due to false binding, otherwise the theme mentioned on
   the title would not be taken up in its contents.

   Could you please tell us what are your intention with these two

   Best regards,
   Bernd-Christoph Kaemper,
   Stuttgart University Library, Germany