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Visa card for subscriptions/STOs Kim Maxwell 26 Jan 2001 21:25 UTC

Our Monograph Acquisitions department has been using a Visa card for some
months now, and we are now considering one for our Serials Acquisitions
department.  I'm wondering if anyone is using a Visa card (or other credit
card) to purchase subscriptions and/or standing orders on an ongoing
basis.  I know many places use them to order monographs (or other one-time
purchases), but I'm interested in how a Visa could be used in the "and
continue" or "til forbid" sense.  I'm thinking it might help alleviate
problems with checks getting lost in the mail, or taking forever to reach
foreign countries, etc.

Thanks for your help,

Kim Maxwell
Kim Maxwell
Serials Acquisitions Librarian
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Libraries, Room 14E-210
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
phone: 1-617-253-7028
fax:   1-617-253-2464