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2nd Call for Poster Sessions--2001 NASIG Conference Robb Waltner 29 Jan 2001 17:05 UTC

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Dear Subscribers:

Please forgive the duplication of this message.  It has been posted to
several lists.

The NASIG Poster Session Task Force invites applications to present a
poster session at the 16th NASIG conference in San Antonio, TX, May 23-26,
2001! The theme of the conference is "NASIG 2001: A Serials Odyssey."
Poster sessions provide an opportunity to share innovative ideas and new
applications of technology.  They may present a report of a research
study, an analysis of a practical problem-solving effort, or a description
of an innovative program which may be of interest to the serials
community. In keeping with NASIG's tradition of non-commercialism, poster
sessions focusing solely on a commercial product will not be accepted.

Presenters are assigned a 8' (wide) x 4' (high) bulletin board on which to
display project documentation.  In general, text should be brief and
captioning should be in large and legible type.  Informative graphics such
as photos, charts and graphs are also attractive.  The material should be
presented in a logical sequence.  Laptop computers and visual display
devices may be used if they are provided by the presenter and operate on
battery power (no electrical support is available in the poster session
area).  These interactive sessions are scheduled for 1:15 to 2:15 on
Thursday, May 24th, 2001 during a break in other conference programs.
Presenters should be prepared to discuss their poster session topic
throughout the entire time allotted.  Handouts and business cards are
encouraged so attendees may take with them the presenters' main ideas and
contact information.  NASIG will assist with reproduction of handouts

To apply to present a poster session, submit a completed application and
250 word abstract to:

Robb M. Waltner
Co-Chair, NASIG Program Planning Committee, Poster Sessions
Auraria Library
1100 Lawrence St.
Denver, CO. 80204

FAX:  (303) 534-3648

Deadline for submission: Applications must be received by Friday, March 2,

An application form follows this announcement (below).  Abstracts will be
evaluated by members of the Program Planning Committee's Poster Session
Group, and presenters will be notified by March 30, 2001.

For additional information see the NASIG web site or contact Robb M.
Waltner at the address above or by e-mail at
Other task force members are June Garner and Lisa Macklin.

Thank you.

Robb M. Waltner
Head of Periodicals & Interlibrary Loan
Auraria Library
1100 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80204

phone: 303-556-2876
fax:  303-534-3648

NASIG Poster Session Application Form

Submit to:  Robb M. Waltner, Co-Chair of the Program Planning Committee,
Poster Sessions,  Auraria Library, 1100 Lawrence St., Denver, CO. 80204.
FAX:  (303) 534-3648  EMAIL:
Applications must be received by Friday, March 2, 2001.

Name(s):  _______________________________________________________

Titles(s):  ________________________________________________________

Address:  _______________________________



Phone number:  _________________  Fax number:  ______________________

E-mail:  _________________________________

Title of poster session:  _____________________________________________

(Abstract can be no more than 250 words and should clearly convey the
purpose of the poster session.  The abstract can be submitted on a separate
sheet if presenter is clearly identified)