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Re: Journal Of Ornamental Horticulture Deej Baker 30 Jan 2001 17:10 UTC

Here is some information from a colleague here at the University of Virginia.

        I do not know of a list of serials from India that is up-to-date
and current about serial publications.

        There is a list of India serials (which includes last published
issues) but it is 'old', current only up to around mid-1997.  We have been
promised a more current update of this list/database, but none yet.  Put in
your journal title at

        You may wish to contact the Library of Congress New Delhi who
developed this database, and has a more current (but not online) database
about their serials by going to

and click on "Contact Us" and email the Field Directory, Lygia M.
Ballantyne, with your questions about India serials and any database or
information they might have.  Ms. Ballantyne can also put you in touch with
their serials catalogers.

        --Philip McEldowney, Librarian, Univeristy of Virginia
          South Asia materials selector

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 21:22:11 -0500 Maria Rider <RiderM@PROSE.DPI.QLD.GOV.AU>

| I am having trouble finding the publisher's name and address for "Journal
| of Ornamental Horticulture". It is an Indian journal I believe.
| Does anyone know the publisher's name and address or alternatively a
| source for information about current Indian journals?
| Please send your reply to
| Maria Rider
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