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New ARL Directory for E-Journals and Discussion Lists Julia Blixrud 30 Jan 2001 17:14 UTC

For those of you tracking the growth of electronic journals and for others
of you who are providing information on sources in which faculty can
publish electronically, the Association of Research Libraries is pleased
to announce the publication of "The Directory of Scholarly Electronic
Journals and Academic Discussion Lists, First Edition."

This title supersedes the "Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters
and Academic Discussion Lists," of which the seventh and last edition was
published in 1997. Like its predecessor, we expect the Directory to become
a standard reference tool for locating scholarly, academic, or
professional journals and discussion lists on the Internet.

The new Directory is available both electronically and in print.  Access
to the electronic version of the Directory is available through IP address
or password. The online version will be periodically updated.

In the printed edition of the new Directory, the first part lists over
3,900 peer-reviewed journal titles available electronically, while the
second part contains over 4,600 e-conferences. The new Directory differs
from the 1997 edition in scope; it contains only peer-reviewed electronic
journals due to the phenomenal growth in web publishing by scholarly

Part one, the e-journal section, is compiled and maintained by ARL. The
e-conference entries are contributed by Diane Kovacs of Kovacs Consulting.
A freely accessible list of e-conference titles compiled by Diane Kovacs
and her team is available at <>.

For more information on this new ARL publication, visit

Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals and Academic Discussion Lists,
First Edition. Dru Mogge and Peter Budka, editors. 2000. 1,102 pp. ISSN
1524-2439 (print) /1524-2447 (online). Print and online: $95 ($65 ARL
members)/Online only: $70 ($50 ARL member). Online version can be either
password or IP address accessible or one-time download. Quotes for orders
shipped abroad, consortial pricing, and bulk discounts can be obtained
from <>. To order, call the ARL Distribution Center at

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