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Request for 4 serials parameters Stevan Harnad 31 Jan 2001 18:55 UTC

For an article I am preparing for a Public Policy Forum in Science,
I would be grateful if any of you could provide the following four
numbers (please branch your reply also to: )

(1) The total number of refereed journals currently in print (worldwide,
in all disciplines, in all languages: only criterion is that they be
refereed). Let us call that total number of refereed journals "J".

(2) If possible, the total number of articles in J.

(3) The same data, but for the subset of (refereed) Journals in Physics (Jp)

(4) The corresponding total number of articles in subset Jp.

Many thanks for your help.

Stevan Harnad           
Professor of Cognitive Science
Department of Electronics and     phone: +44 23-80 592-582
             Computer Science     fax:   +44 23-80 592-865
University of Southampton
Highfield, Southampton