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Re: On Magazine J. Shore 31 Jan 2001 21:19 UTC

Last week -- Anne Liebst wrote:

> .....  On Jan. 22, 2001 I received a postcard from On
> Magazine Customer Service informing me Life Magazine will only appear as a
> special newsstand issue and all remaining issues from our paid Life
> subscription would be honored with On Magazine formerly Time Digital
> Magazine.
> Here are my questions:
> When did Time Digital Magazine cease publication or did it cease
> publication?
> Is On Magazine simply a title change?
> The first issue we received for On Magazine is for v.157 n.5A for Feb. 5,
> 2001.  What is the vol. and no. for the first issue of On Magazine?  How
> many issues are we missing?
> The cover and table of contents page indicates On Magazine is really titled
> On Monthly.  However, publication information indicates it is a weekly with
> two issues combined into one at year end.  What is the correct title?

And David Jordan answered:

> Here's what we've figured out so far:  On Magazine (ISSN pending) is the
> new title of Time Digital.  The last issue of Time Digital is vol. 5 n. 9
> (JAN/FEB 2001).  The first copy of On Magazine we received is vol. 6 n.1
> (MARCH 2001).  We did not receive the Feb 5 issue you refer to.

And now I know what was missing from this conversation......

I have in my hands two copies of the same magazine. One is the March
2001 premiere issue of On Magazine. The other is identical in terms of
articles and paging but some of the graphics vary. It is the Feb 5, 2001
issue of On Monthly that Anne referred to.

The On Magazine is the v. 6, no. 1 that David referred to.

The On Monthly has the publisher's info block for Time and the volume
numbering fits for a special issue of Time. On the cover above the block
of On Monthly's title logo is a group of smaller blocks  Time - Special
Issue - February 5, 2001.

These issues came together in the mail to two different Serials
addresses we use. The special issue did not come with Time, but that
looks like what was intended. My hope is that next month's issue will
not repeat the same performance so I'm cc-ing the editors of On Magazine
this message.

And now you know the rest of the story....


J. Shore
Serials Librarian / Cataloger
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library