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Re: Newspaper Vendors Connie Kissee 09 Jan 2001 17:03 UTC

That is the same here at Kansas State University.  Our local paper is
mailed to the main library but hand delivered to the branch.  The mail
copy is always a day later than the hand delivered.  You might want to see
if that can be done at your library.

 Connie Kissee <ckissee@LIB.KSU.EDU>

>>> "Patricia M. Breno" <> 01/09/01 08:48AM >>>
We use EBSCO for our newspapers and the only consistently late arrival is
the local paper.  Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Higher Ed, Christian
Science Monitor, etc. are received the day of the edition.  If we
experience late delivery at all, it is due to our mail delivery on
campus/campus closings.

Patricia M. Breno
Owens Community College