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Re: Replacement cost policy John Lucas 10 Jan 2001 18:52 UTC


As in most libraries, when items have to be paid for, it is usually the
cost PLUS a processing fee.  For our library the fee is $ 25.00

For books, usually if still in print, the cost is there on the publisher
web site.

For Journals, I look at some of the backfile dealers websites (we use
Alfred Jaeger.  There is also Absolute backfiles and Periodyssey among

I search the title and see what a complete volume is if they have it or
even 1 issue, them multiply.  We used to use the original price, but now
we can get a more realistic amount.

John Lucas

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>>> Jirvin@LIBRARY.LATECH.EDU 01/10/01 10:50AM >>>
Our library staff  is currently reviewing all our policies relating to
replacement costs of material.  I have been asked to give input for
replacement cost for serial material.  This is material that has been
lost (checked out - not returned) or material a patron destroyed in
an effort avoid photocoping charges.  Currently our policy states
that in each case for serials that they contact me for a price

Do any of you out there have such a policy that actually quotes a
price (and if so, how did you come by it) and would you please
share it with me.  I look forward to some interesting ideas.

Judy Irvin
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