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Table of Contents (TOC) services to library patrons Iris Anderson 11 Jan 2001 14:39 UTC

We are taking a short survey to see if any special or academic libraries
have found clever and efficient methods for putting together electronic
Tables of Contents services as a whole web-based or e-mail package,
including delivery of full-text articles, for their library users. We do not
need to hear from publishers who offer TOCs for their own journal titles,
but wish to hear from libraries providing these services from a variety of
sources. Thank you for your participation. I will summarize responses for
the list.

Thank you in advance!

Iris W. Anderson

TOC Services Questionaire

Does your library supply  clients with regular alerts to journal table of

If so, where do you get the TOCS (examples include methods like "buy them
from Uncover", "scan our paper copies" etc)

How do you deliver the TOCS (examples include "send photocopies of journal
TOCS by mail", "send TOCs by email ", post TOCs on our website)

How do clients order articles from TOCs (examples include by mail, by email
, link direct to fulltext)

If you use any automation in your TOC process , please describe . (examples
include "build a database of TOCS, use an external vendor system