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Re: Social Justice Journal -request for information Buddy Pennington 17 Jan 2001 15:14 UTC


I did a search on google and found the following blurb:  "Social Justice:
Anthropology, Peace and Human Rights, the official journal of the
International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Commission
on Peace and Human Rights."  You may want to see if that organization has a
website or phone number for more info.

 Buddy Pennington <MD_Buddy@KCLIBRARY.ORG>

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From: Sandy L. Stump [mailto:sandyst@ALB.EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 7:45 PM
Subject: Social Justice Journal -request for information

Hello All!

One of our professors has submitted some interlibrary loan requests for
the journal Social Justice: Anthropology, Peace and Human Rights. She
cites vol 1 as being from the year 2000 so I don't think she is looking
for the journal titled simply Social Justice because that one has been
around for awhile. We have been unable to locate this title on OCLC
(presumably because it is so new). I also cannot verify her citation in
any indexing such as FirstSearch. If anyone has any publication info on
this title (or would be willing to supply a couple of interlibrary loan
requests), I would appreciate hearing from you.

Sandy Stump
Albright College
Gingrich Library
P.O. Box 15234