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Re: Need help MARC coding Czech series Kathy Bowersox 18 Jan 2001 16:58 UTC

Hello Kay.

I am a Serials Cataloger, and I studied Czech while working at Nebraska.
As you may be aware, in the Czech langurage the hacek (I'll use ^ for now)
over a character creates a totally new letter.  The translations for your
quandries are:

          Czech statistics. Series 14, Industry.
 and:  Czech statistics. Series 4,  Population.

Most likely, ^Rada 14 will always be associated with Prumysl (Industry)
and ^Rada 4 always associated with Obyvatelstvo (Population)

I would use:  245 00 $a ^Ceska statistika. $n ^Rada 14, $p Prumysl.

Don't forget to transcribe the little circle over the "u" in Prumysl (I
forget what it's called)

As for inconsistant tagging in existing records, the cataloger may have
had the same questions you have now.  Not knowing the language just
exacerbates the problem.

Hope this helps!

Kathy B.  (Christa Easton will remember me as the "Serials Cataloger From Hell")

Kathlyn A. Bowersox               E-mail:
Cataloging/Serials Librarian               Office:  (225)  771-2863
John B. Cade Library                             Fax:  (225)  771-2039
Southern University
Baton Rouge, LA  70813

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>>> Kay Teel <kteel@SULMAIL.STANFORD.EDU> 01/17/01 04:22PM >>>
I'm hoping there are some serials catalogers with Slavic
expertise out there who can help me on this.

We have several publications in the "Ceska statistika"
series that we need to catalog. All of them are subseries.
An example of a subseries title is:
Ceska statistika, Rada 14, Prumysl
(there is a hacek over the c in Ceska and over the r in

Our first impulse was to code "Rada 14" in $n and "Prumysl"
in $p. However, after searching the bibliographical
utilities, it appears that LC has mostly coded both of
these types of title information in $p. For example: "Ceska
statistika.$pRada 4, Obyvatelstvo."
But we also found LC records for other Czech titles that
use "rada" where it is coded $n. For example:
"Prace Historickeho ustavu AV CR.$nRada A,$pMonographia"

Our queries to the Slavic serials specialist at LC via our
NACO coordinator have gone unanswered for almost 5 months,
so, in our desperation, I am sending out a plea: help! Is
"rada 14" a numbered section ($n as coded in MARC21,
245) and "prumysl" a named section ($p as coded in MARC21,
245) of the title "Ceska statistika"? Or is "rada 14" to be
considered a named section, despite the presence of a

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Kay Teel
Serials Cataloger/Authority Control Librarian
Stanford University Libraries