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Purchasing ProQuest MARC Records Tracie J. Mineo 18 Jan 2001 17:00 UTC

        Here at Duquesne University we were wondering if anyone out there
has purchased any of the MARC records for sale by Bell & Howell for the
titles in the ProQuest databases? If so have you had any problems? What
are some of the pros and cons of doing this?

        When we first began cataloging our electronic journals it was
decided that we would use separate records for our print and electronic
titles. Bell & Howell has decided to use the print version of each record.
We are debating what some of the problems could be for us.

Thank you all in advance for your time.
Tracie Mineo

Tracie J. Mineo
Collection Development Coordinator
Duquesne University
The Gumberg Library
Pittsburgh, PA 15282-0805
(412) 396-4560
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