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Mega-Alerting Services Gerry Mckiernan 22 Jan 2001 14:48 UTC

                            _Mega-Alerting Services_

    I am greatly interested in identifying e-journals that offer
Alerting/SDI services that include *not only* the Table of Contents of the
current issue (or personalized version of such) _but also_ a separate (or
combined) Alerting/SDI service for other communication venues associated
with the e-journal (e.g., electronic discussion lists, discussion forums,
reader commentary, etc.) as they take place within or outside of the

    For examples of the various types of e-journal discourse, please see
my latest Web registry _EJI(sm)_ devoted to "Innovative E-Journal
Features, Functionalities, and Content"


    I am also interested in Any and All *subject/discipline* e-journal
Alerting / SDI services, particularly those offered by any of the
Aggregators, as well as those that one to receive Alerts from potentially
all e-journals offered by a publisher or aggregator WITHOUT having to
establish a interest profile within *individual* e-journals.

[NOTE: Other novel Alerting/SDI services are also of interest]

   As Always, Any and All contributions. comments, queries, questions,
critiques, cosmic insights, lengthy inaugural speeches, etc., etc., etc.
are Most Welcome!

/Gerry McKiernan
Mega Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011