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Re: Sports Illustrated, v.93, no.18 J. Shore 22 Jan 2001 22:38 UTC

Lauren Irto wrote:

> I know that there was some confusion before regarding Sports Illustrated
> back in October.  Can anyone tell me if a v. 93 n. 18 exists? and if so
> what the date of that issue is?

No, Lauren, they never published number 18. They used number 16 twice
(on Oct. 18 and 23) and skipped 18 to bring their numbers back to the
correct sequence.

So the sequence shows:

Oct 16 - v.93, no.15
Oct 18 - v.93, no.16
Oct 23 - v.93, no.16
Oct 30 - v.93, no.17
Nov 06 - v.93, no.19
Nov 13 - v.93, no.20

(However, Proquest has decided to correct the numbering for Sports
Illustrated, so patrons may approach you with a citation of v.93, no. 17
for Oct 18 and no.18 for Oct 30.)

J. Shore
Serials Librarian / Cataloger
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library