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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 11:54:13 -0400
From: mbhhbm@AMERICAN.EDU
Subject: Re: Serials Librarian (Bill Cohen)

erratic: adj., 1. Having no fixed or regular course; wandering. 2. Lacking
consistency, regularity, or uniformity.  (American Heritage Dictionary,

Our receipt history of Serials Librarian over the past three years:

v.33:1/2 (1998) 3/22/99  obviously a claim
v.33:3/4 (1998) 5/1/98
v.34:1/2 (1998) 6/12/98   one month later
v.34:3/4 (1998) 6/12/98
v.35:1/2 (1998) 12/30/98   six months later
v.35:3 (1999)     12/30/98
v.35:4 (1999)     1/7/99
v.36:1/2 (1999) 6/23/99
v.36:3/4 (1999) 6/9/99
v.37:1 (1999)    11/3/99
v.37:2 (1999)     11/3/99
v.37:3 (2000)     12/29/99
v.37:4 (2000)     4/13/00
v.38:1/2 (2000)  5/23/00
v.38:3/4 (2000)  5/23/00
v.39:1 (2000)      1/3/01     eight months after the previous issue(s)
v.39:2 (2000       1/3/01
v.39:3 (2001)      4/9/01
v.39:4 (2001)      5/16/01
v.40:3/4 (2001)  7/10/01

Can anyone tell me what the "pattern" for publication is here? Sometimes
combined issues come one month after other combined issues. Other times two
sets of combined issues come at the same time six months after the last
combined issue. Yet other times two sets of combined issues come on the
same day, preceded by a non-combined issue. When should we expect v.41:1 or
will it be v.41:1/2? One month, three months, six months from now? This may
be published "on time" but no one in the world of serials librarianship has
any clue as to what that time is likely to be. Mr. Cohen, please enlighten

Mark Hemhauser
American University Library--Serials

Subject: Re: Serials Librarian (Steve Black)

The Serials LIbrarian has been published on time for over 20 years.

Bill Cohen, Publisher
The Haworth Press, INc.

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:51:33 -0400
From: Steve Black <blacks@MAIL.STROSE.EDU>
Subject: Re: Serials Librarian

Re: Serials Librarian v.40, issues 1/2 and 3/4

  It seems there is some frustration with the erratic publication of this
$400 per year Haworth Press journal.  I hope for your sake that the irate
professor whose pet journal had to be cancelled due to financial pressures
does not find out that you're paying $200 for something you could get
online for a $25 NASIG membership fee.  Or maybe Haworth Press adds $175
added value to the proceedings (perhaps via valuable information about
their other publications?).

Steve Black
Reference, Instruction, and Serials Librarian
Neil Hellman Library
The College of Saint Rose
392 Western Ave.
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 458-5494

Bill Cohen, Publisher
The Haworth Press, Inc.
10 Alice Street
Binghamton, New York 13904
<A HREF="">Haworth Home Page</A>


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 08:11:09 -0600
From: Julia Franklin <JFRANK@ISL.STATE.ID.US>
Subject: Re: Missing Issues of the Serials Librarian (Dani Lichtenberg)

I too have not received this issue, I would be interested in hearing from
anyone who did receive the issue, does it really exist?

Julia Franklin
Serials LA I
Idaho State Library
Boise, ID
The opinions are my own, and not the opinions
of anyone, anywhere the world.