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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:43:49 -0500
From: "Edelen, Joe" <jedelen@USD.EDU>
Subject: Re: Serials Librarian (Carol Feustel)

Haven't followed all the discussion about Haworth journals, but have worked
in this field long enough to have at least 3 observations about them which I
believe would stand the test of time:

        1) their journals are not regularly published on a regular schedule

        2) they are not very user friendly with claims or to claimants

        3) they frequently combine issues so that instead of paying for a
quarterly or other frequency, you get fewer issues published on erratic
schedules with no reduction in price for the lack of promised issues or
timely production.

In my opinion what Carol says about claims is absolutely true and the extra
work for the publisher and then the bad image they get there from.

Joe Edelen
University of South Dakota

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:47:38 -0400
Subject: Re: Serials Librarian

To Mark and others that are questioning the publication pattern of Serials

Look at the other Haworth journals your library receives.  They're all that
way.  Four issues per volume does NOT equal four issues per year at their
company.  They may publish all four issues in one year, or it may take them
YEARS to publish all four issues.  They may publish two volumes in one year.
They may wait two years between volumes.  Their ridiculous "schedule" is
nothing new.  For instance, I haven't received any issues of Journal of
Geriatric Drug Therapy for over a year. After 5 claims I was finally advised
that the title is changing and the "issues will be forthcoming."

Mr. Cohen, if you could move the company into the real world of truthful
publication schedules with ALL of your journals you would eliminate the
majority of the claims you currently receive.  We never know when the issues
are being published, therefore we claim 'just in case.'
**One volume with four issues normally equals an issue published
quarterly-every 90 days.**
Adding in an extra unannounced volume is not appreciated because we have
ever-tightening budgets.  Your company publishes lovely journals,  they just
need to abide by real schedules.


Carol Feustel

Carol S. Feustel                              phone: 513-558-0179
Serials Specialist                            fax:      513-558-1709
Health Sciences Library                 email:
University of Cincinnati
MSB R101 Box 670574
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH  45267-0574

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:12:02 -0700
From: Dan Lester <>
Subject: Re: Serials Librarian (Carol Feustel)

Thanks to all for providing examples that illustrate the issues I
raised months ago (and I'm sure others have as well).  I received
off-list replies from a couple of Haworth folks, but didn't have the
time to do the research that has been provided here by others.  In
addition, some of the "double issues" are no thicker than a regular
issue.  I'm not interested just in "number of pages", but it is a
factor.  Content quality is highly variable, at least in the library
science related journals I see. I can't comment on how "lovely" any of
the health science journals are, but the library-related ones rarely
fit that description.

Just for fun I checked the website and
found this typically strange information on Journal of Bisexuality:

"Current Volume: Volume 2, No. 1—Spring 2001. Volume 3, No. 1—Spring
2002. Quarterly (4 issues per volume)."  I'll be interested to hear
how that translates to four issues to volume.

Another featured journal is the Journal of Electronic Resources, which
has a price and a purported publication schedule.  Of course it
doesn't yet have an editor or any issues published.  Wonder why I'm
not ready to send off a personal or library subscription?

Another pet peeve is the pages of padding of ads for other Haworth
journals and publications, plus the bound in cards.

My biggest irritation with Haworth publications is the continual
attempt to sell you the same thing twice.  Each issue is also marketed
as a "monograph", and if the acquisitions searchers aren't very
careful (fortunately, ours are very good, indeed), you'll end up with
a pricey "book" that duplicates one of your journal issues.



Dan Lester, Data Wrangler
3577 East Pecan, Boise, Idaho  83716-7115 USA  Stop Global Whining!