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Taking Haworth to task Steve Murden 13 Jul 2001 13:33 UTC

It's fascinating to see this discussion of Haworth Press and its
publishing practices.  While I'm no longer a serials librarian, I
have vivid memories of trying to "manage" our subscriptions
from that publisher.  It may well be that the old axiom
"managing serials is like nailing Jello to a wall"
was coined with them in mind.  I recognize and agree with
pretty much everything that's been said about their
unreliability.  I also recognize that they publish in some
subject areas that are not well represented in the serials
publishing world.

It's refreshing to see publisher representatives on this list
and I would hope that their presence helps to serve as a
learning process for those on both sides.  Haworth - notice
how quickly people have jumped on this topic and how
strongly they feel about it.   These are your customers,
the people who help decide whether or not to continue
the subscriptions to your publications.  There are many
other mainstream publishers who manage to get it mostly
right.  I hope you'll take these comments as constructive
criticism and learn from them.

Steve Murden