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Internet Resources in Cataloging- Non Roman Languages-- Survey (Hee-Sook Shin) Marcia Tuttle 06 Feb 2002 16:12 UTC

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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 08:21:55 -0500
From: Hee-Sook Shin <shin.110@OSU.EDU>
Subject: Internet Resources in Cataloging- Non Roman Languages--  Survey

Dear list members,

A colleague and I are conducting a survey on the use of the Internet as a
cataloging tool; in particular, for non-Roman language materials. We will
also list some useful Internet resources, which would benefit both novice
catalogers and non-specialists. We would greatly appreciate all responses
from non-Roman language catalogers. Please complete the survey through
e-mail, and send it in a message to Thank you in advance
for your time and cooperation.


The details of the surveyed :

Institution or organization:

Position (professional, para-pro. etc) :

Strength of Non-roman language collections in your institution (rate all
collections to the best of your knowledge):

1. What language(s) do you catalog?

2. How long have you cataloged in each language?

3. Is the language your native language? Second language? Learned while

4. What types of difficulties do you face while cataloging this language?

5. Would having the vernacular name in the on-line Name Authority File
(NAF) help you?
                Yes     No

6. Would having an English cross-reference in the on-line NAF records for
non-English entries he helpful?
                Yes     No

7. Does your library have adequate hard copy reference tools?
                Yes     No

8. Do you prefer to use the paper or the electronic copy of most reference

9. What is your level of Internet access:
        1) Full                 2) partial      3) none

10. If your answer is full or partial, does your workstation support
language fonts?
                Yes     No

11. How frequently do you search the Internet?
        1)Everyday      2)1-4 times per week    3)Less than once per week       4)Never

12. How many hours do you spend researching on the Internet per week?
        1)Less than 1 hour      2)1-5 hours     3)6-10 hours    4)More than 10

13. What types of materials do you look for?
        1)Descriptive   2)Subject/classification   3)Form of access points   4)
Other (please indicate)

14. What is your search strategy:
        1)English       2)romanized     3)in vernacular script?

15. How often do you find the information that you are looking for on the
        1)Always        2)Most of the time      3)Half the time     4)Sometimes     5)Never

16. What types of information are you unable to find? (Please indicate if
this information is language related)

17. Do you feel that Internet information is accurate and can be relied on
for cataloging? If not, please comment on shortcomings that you have noted
or encountered.

18. Are you reluctant to use the Internet? (If so, please indicate reasons why)

19. Have you used any discussion groups for cataloging problems?
                Yes (If yes, which group?) No

20. What sites do you often visit for cataloging?

21. Please indicate useful sites for your languages


Hee-sook Shin

Non-Roman Languages Coordinator
Cataloging Dept.
OSU Libraries
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Columbus, OH 43210-1286
Tel: 614-247-7454
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