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Putting JSTOR and MUSE in OCLC (Susan C. Shelly) Marcia Tuttle 14 Feb 2002 13:42 UTC

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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:22:47 -0500
From: Susan C Shelly <susancs@GOSHEN.EDU>
Subject: putting JSTOR and MUSE in OCLC

I am posting this question to COLLIB and Serialst so please forgive any

When we receive word of new JSTOR or MUSE titles and new issues,  our
Periodicals Coordinator has entered this all into our catalog and checklist
of periodicals, and she has also entered this into our holdings for OCLC
(and therefore makes them known for ILL).  This is quite a laborious
process and it means she goes through the list of new stuff twice.  Our
current systems do not allow for a nice big electronic transfer of this
info.   In quietly asking around, I get the impression that not all
academic libraries enter these holdings for OCLC because it is so

I am new to my serials position and I'm not sure what is typically
done.  Can you tell me what you are doing and / or what the general trend is?

Susan Capps Shelly
Librarian, Serials and Services
Good Library
1700 South Main Street
Goshen, Indiana 46526