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XML Cataloging Templates / OPACs (Gerry Mckiernan) Marcia Tuttle 18 Feb 2002 21:07 UTC

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:44:26 -0600
Subject: XML Cataloging Templates / OPACs

                          _XML Cataloging Templates / OPACs_

   I am greatly interested in learning of efforts that apply an XML-based cataloging  record/template for cataloging digital as well as non-digital library materials (books, journals; e-books, e-journals).

  I am aware of Dick R. Miller's XML MARC project and resource page

                              [ ].


the digital library Testbed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

xmltechnologies.pdf ]


"Is XML in Your Future?" Art Rhyno's presentation from the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) meeting in  San Antonio, Texas in  May, 2001


Of Particular Interest are Commercial and/or Experimental projects or systems that have represented the framework of Object-Oriented Cataloging presented within the IFLA report  _Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records_

      [ ]

in XML (or RDF).

[I am also  aware that ENCompass

             [  ]

from Endeavor has XML functionality  as does the Innovative Interface system

              [ ].

   As Always, Any and All contributions, critiques, contributions, suggestions,
Gold Medals, Cosmic Insights, Etc. Etc. Etc. are Most Welcome!


/Gerry McKiernan
XML Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011