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American Journal of Nursing single topic supplements (Teresa Grimm) Marcia Tuttle 21 Feb 2002 13:35 UTC

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:57:58 -0600
From: Teresa Grimm <Tgrimm@WCTC.EDU>
Subject: American Journal of Nursing single topic supplements

We subscribe to American Journal of Nursing through EBSCO.  Our
subscription information from EBSCO specifically states that our yearly
fee includes the single topic supplements.  I have been working with my
EBSCO customer service person. The publisher will assure the EBSCO rep
that our supplements will be sent, but of course they never arrive.  To
date we have only received 1 supplement.  In looking at past years we see
that we never received them in the past either, but unfortunately had
overlooked that fact.  Now however, the online databases that we have
include citations to these supplements and students are looking for them.

Have any of you experienced similar problems with this publication? If
yes, where you able to resolve them and how.  Thanks for your help.

Teresa Grimm

Library Technician
Waukesha County Technical College
800 Main Street
Pewaukee WI  53072

Phone:(262) 691-5539
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