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NASIG Announcement: Tuttle International Grant -- Connie Foster Stephen Clark 01 Apr 2002 16:39 UTC

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     Subject: NASIG Announcement: Tuttle International Grant
        Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 10:26:58 -0600
        From: Connie Foster <connie.foster@WKU.EDU>
Organization: Western Kentucky University

The North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) invites applicants for
the following grant:


PURPOSE:  The grant will provide funding for an individual working in
the area of
serials librarianship to foster international communication and
education through overseas activities such as, but not limited to,
research, collaborative projects, job exchanges, and presentation of
papers at conferences.  The grant is named in honor of Marcia Tuttle.
(See biography below).

TERM OF AWARD:  One year.

ELIGIBILITY:  The applicant must have at least 5 years of professional
experience in the serials information chain.  The proposed project must
deal with some aspect of serials and include foreign travel.  Foreign
language skills should be adequate to project needs.

HOW TO APPLY:  The applicant should submit:

   *  a completed application
   *  a written proposal outlining the project and including proposed
     completion dates
   *  current resume or curriculum vitae
   *  a minimum of 3 references, including one from the person's
     supervisor (previous supervisor may be substituted if there is no
     current supervisor), one from a colleague at a different
     institution or  company,
   *  a letter of support from the foreign institution or collaborator
     as appropriate.

AMOUNT OF THE AWARD:  Each award includes a $1000 grant and NASIG
membership for one year.  NASIG may give more than one award in a year
or no award, depending on applications.

AWARDEE'S RESPONSIBILITIES: The awardee will be expected to submit a
final project report to the NASIG Board.  Depending on the nature of the
proposal, other reporting mechanisms, such as giving a workshop (based
on the project) at a NASIG annual conference, may be required as well,
and will be agreed upon in advance.

AWARD CYCLE:  There will be a call for applications twice a year, with
deadlines of April 30 and October 31.  The deadline for this cycle is
April 30, 2002. The Committee will respond within 4-6 weeks.

Claire Dygert
Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
American University Library
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC  20016

Phone: 202.885.3203
Fax:  202.885.3226

1. Name
Mailing address
E-mail address
2.     A written proposal outlining the project, including proposed
completion dates, and discussing the following topics:
a) What is the work to be accomplished?
        b) What is the value of the proposed activity?
        c) How will the proposed work be carried out?
         d) How do your qualifications enable you to complete this
         e) What is the estimated budget?
3.     A current resume or curriculum vitae
4.     A minimum of 3 references, including one from your current
supervisor, one from a colleague in a different institution or company,
and a letter of support from the foreign institution or collaborator as
appropriate (references should send letters directly to address above)
Name               Institution/Company             Telephone

***Marcia Tuttle Biography***

Marcia Tuttle has had a distinguished career in serials librarianship.
She was the winner of the first Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship
Award in 1985.  Marcia published her landmark textbook, "Introduction to
Serials Management" in 1983.  The series continued with five volumes of
"Advances in Serials Management", which Marcia originated and co-edited
from 1985-1992.  The series is used by all affiliated with the serials
business.  Another publication which Marcia began publishing and editing
in the 1980's is "The Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues (NSPI)".
This is a timely publication for librarians worldwide with practical
information and controversial viewpoints on serials pricing and related
topics.  Marcia also serves on the editorial board for "Serials
Review".   With October Ivins, Marcia organized the Aqueduct Group, a
retreat for librarians to discuss a variety of topics relating to
serials.  Out of these gatherings came a call for action known as "The
Aqueduct Agenda" which was published in "The Chronicle of Higher
Education", "Library Journal", and "Serials Review".

Marcia was one of a select few to attend a United Kingdom Serials Group
(UKSG) conference in 1984, a meeting of minds/ideas, which resulted in a
genesis of our own national serials organization (NASIG). The North
American Serials Interest Group held its first conference in 1986.
Marcia was present at the first NASIG conference and has attended many
NASIG Conferences since.  She served as chair of the Conference Planning
Committee (CPC) for the Tenth Anniversary Conference held at Duke
University in 1996.  She has chaired the ALA RTSD (now ALCTS) Serials
Section.  Marcia currently serves as an associate moderator for
SERIALST.  She has taught a generation of serials librarians (and some
vendors) in her serials courses at the library school at the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Marcia loves to travel, and she
enjoys makings presentations on serials topics.  Over the years she has
been invited to speak at meetings all over North America, as well as at
conferences in Europe, South Africa and Australia.  A number of these
talks have been published in various library journals.  Marcia Tuttle is
indeed a well respected international librarian, and it is an honor to
have this International Grant named
after her.

(Source cited: Hepfer, Cindy. "A Tribute to Marcia Tuttle on her
Serials Review: 23, no. 2 (Summer 1997): 1-30.)

Please direct any questions to Claire Dygert and not the sender of this

Connie Foster
Professor/Serials Coordinator
Editor, Serials Review (v.28- )
Past President/Publicist-NASIG(North American Serials Interest Group)
Western Kentucky University Libraries
1 Big Red Way
Bowling Green KY 42101-3576

email: phone: 270-745-6160 fax: 270-745-3958