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Microforms cataloging -- Laura Salmon Stephen Clark 19 Apr 2002 16:00 UTC

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Subject: microforms cataloging
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 11:24:42 -0400
From: Laura Salmon <>
Reply-To: "" <>
Organization: ASCPL-TS

Happy Friday.

I got a bunch of microform city directories from our archives
 They want to have them on our computer with full bib records, which
a problem.  What our department is not sure of is how to handle the
cataloging.  First, is there another source that discusses cataloging
microforms besides AACR2?  Second, we were leaning to handling them as
serials since we handle city directories that way.  Third, we were
discussing the pros and cons of putting cataloging records on our local
system and not on Worldcat.  We thought of doing the cataloging this way
since we got a bunch of tapes with sporadic years of directories for one
city on them, and we don't want to cause any confusion or overlap on

My supervisor asked me to post this question to the listservs to get a
better idea of how other libraries are handling these kinds of microform
collections.  To date, we don't have any microforms on our catalog at
 Any and all help would be appreciated.


Laura Salmon
Librarian (Cataloger)
Akron-Summit County Public Library
Akron, Ohio

"There are two ways of meeting difficulties: alter the difficulties or
alter the way you meet them" --Phyllis Bottome