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Re: Negro History Bulletin... -- Veronique Montes-Baffier Stephen Clark 26 Apr 2002 13:38 UTC

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Subject: Re: Negro History Bulletin... -- Buddy Pennington
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 09:22:33 -0400
From: Veronique Montes-Baffier <montesbaffi@FORDHAM.EDU>


I am dealing with this journal and I have some information from ASALH:
volumes 63 & 64 of the Negro History Bulletin are expected to be mailed
in late August (vol. 63) and early June (vol. 65).

I hope this will help you.
Veronique Montes Baffier
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Subject: Negro History Bulletin...
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 20:23:31 -0500
From: "MD_Buddy (Buddy Pennington)" <MD_Buddy@KCLIBRARY.ORG>

Hi all,

The Negro History Bulletin became the Black History Bulletin but two
seemed to disappear.  The latest issue of the Negro History Bulletin we
received was v.62:no.4(1999:Dec.).  The first issue of the Black History
Bulletin is v.65:no.1/2(2002:Jan.-June).

I seem to remember getting a letter about the publishing cycle of this,
I cannot find it.  Was v.63(2000) and v.64(2001) ever published?

Buddy Pennington
Document Delivery Librarian
Kansas City Public Library