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Re: Serials exchange -- Karen Chobot Stephen Clark 30 Apr 2002 12:26 UTC

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Subject: Re: Serials exchange -- Joanna Duy
   Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 15:31:06 -0500
   From: Karen Chobot <karen.chobot@NDSCS.NODAK.EDU>

Hi Joanna - here are a couple more suggestions that do not use
commercial exchanges.  You might have trouble with those, depending on
what your state funding requires you to do.  First, check with your
purchasing department to see what restrictions there might be in your
state.  We are not allowed to sell items purchased with state
appropriated dollars.

Next, you might want to check with your counterparts in state
libraries.  There are probably some procedures that everyone in the
state follows.  We usually start with the state library and offer items
on a list - much easier now that we can send word processing documents
via e-mail.  We also send the lists to folks on state discussion lists.
State people get first crack at these items.  We usually send them to
each other simply for paying postage.

I also deal with a consortium exchange group which is regional.
(Minitex). They end up with a lot of those oddball items that appear as
if by magic in the mail.  They are also good for long runs of things
that we are weeding.  Someone in your state should know if you have
anything like that.

Finally, check with your vendor to see if they have a back copy bank.
(EBSCO does.)  They might have arrangements for sharing missing or
claimed items.

These have usually taken care of most of my needs and duplicates, are
usually free, and relatively easy to set up.   The others tend to be
more expensive, but probably necessary if you must acquire certain
things for complete runs.

Good luck, Karen.

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> Subject: serials exchange
> Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 11:44:40 -0400
> From: Joanna Duy <joanna_duy@NCSU.EDU>
> Hi  -
> I am a new Serials Librarian at North Carolina State University
> Libraries. This position is totally new for me, so I'm in need of some
> advice.
> What do people use as an exchange for serials? We have a lot of
> duplicate journals that come in, or samples, or post-cancelled titles
> that arrive.  We don't want to throw these away, but we also need to
> clear them off of our shelves - we have not taken part in any kind of
> exchange program in recent memory.  Can I get some advice from people
> on
> the various ways to handle these?  I like the idea of getting involved
> with an exchange. So far the only one I've looked as it USBE (we are
> members) but we don't seem to get any credit from them (other than
> shipping) and I'm just wondering what other libraries (preferably of
> approx. similar size) use.
> Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks very much-
> Joanna Duy
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