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Academic Leadership (ISSN 1086-1149) numbering changes -- Pat Meyer Stephen Clark 04 Apr 2002 13:58 UTC

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Subject: Academic Leadership (ISSN 1086-1149) numbering changes
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 14:04:23 -0800
From: Pat Meyer <pmeyer@NU.EDU>

We just received the latest issue of  "Academic leadership" , dated
Winter 2002,
and numbered "Vol. 9.1.2".

I contacted the Chair Academy, and spoke with Katie, who explained that
this is
indeed the first published issue of 2002.

There is a special "10th Anniversary" issue en route that is numbered
9.1.1".  The next issue to follow will be numbered "Vol. 9.1.3".  Katie
certain of future numbering schemes.

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