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Re: Question in title change -- Regina Reynolds Stephen Clark 05 Apr 2002 16:34 UTC

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Subject: Re: Question in title change -- Poh Kim Lim
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 11:25:45 -0500
From: Regina Reynolds <rrey@LOC.GOV>

Kim and others--

It's been something of a week for tangled ISSN problems but I think this
is another one for us here at the U.S. ISSN center.  We will try to sort
out the ISSN and OCLC records and inform everyone-including the
of the outcome.  We might ask you to fax us some copies of covers and
masthead pages.  Thanks to all of you on Serialst to the challenges of
serials we are never bored at NSDP!

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> Subject: Question in title change
>    Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 18:46:45 -0800
>    From: "Lim, Poh Kim" <lim@SMCCD.NET>
>  Hi All,I am not a serials cataloger, but have to do occational serials
> cataloging since since we don't have a serials cataloger here. So, I
> hope I can get some help from the experts in this list.We subscribe to a
> magazine, title: Motor Age (OCLC 5702916), and it has gone
>  through 3 title changes (or, I should say 3 different publishers)
> between 1998 and now. It was originally published by Chilton, then in
> Apr. 1998 Cahner took over with slight title change at the spine
> (Cahner's Motor Age, cover title: MotorAge) and some library created a
> new oclc record (OCLC 37908615) saying that the oringinal ISSN
> (0193-7022) was incorrect (y in the 022) and gave a new ISSN #
> (1520-9385) to the record . The 130 had been changed to "Motor age
> (Radnor, Pa. : 1997)" and  there were two 246 with 18 as indicator to
> reflect the spine title.However, after the Apr 1998 issue, the magazine
> seems to continue with the old ISSN # (0193-7022). The problem is in
> Apr. 2001, Advanstar Communications took over the publication and uses
> the old ISSN # (0193-7022), the spine title is "Motor Age" and the cover
> title is also "Motor Age" with a small font on
> top says "Advanstar's publication" and inside the magazine, the title is
> "Advanstar's Motor Age" where all the publication info. located .
> I created a new record (OCLC 49219467) to reflect the change from
> Cahner's Motor Age to Advanstar's Motor Age, but our database manager
> (an ex-cataloger)  is asking me to delete the new record and  reflect
> the changes in the 1998 record (oclc 37908615). Do you think this is
> acceptable? Since oclc 37908615 already has a 780 (for the original
> Chilton's Motor Age), can I add another 780 to reflect changes from
> Cahner's? I don't quite agree with the database manager that I can
> simply put all the new info into the old record because the new
> publication does not mention either Chilton's or Cahner's information at
> all. And oclc 37908615 has all the info. about Chilton and Cahner
> because the change over was mentioned in the publication in Apr. 1998.
> I would really appreciate it if any of you can show me some light on how
> you would handle this problem.Thank you all very much.  Kim LimSkyline
> College