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Re: Microfilming - headaches, no halos -- Liz Linton Stephen Clark 08 Apr 2002 17:40 UTC

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Subject: microfilming - headaches, no halos
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 13:30:56 -0400
From: Liz Linton <melinton@SBC.EDU>

I'm responding to the person who asked about who to contact for
microfilming. I'm sorry to say I have no halos to distribute to our
friends in the
microfilming business ... they've provided me with plenty of headaches

Last August I contacted the Northeast Document Conservation Center about
filming our
campus newspaper. I was told that there was a long wait, so I went ahead
submitted my information for an estimate. I understood that I would be
informed when
to send the paper for filming.

That was last August and I have heard nothing from them in the meantime.
I left a
message today to find out what's going on. I'll report to the list when
I get some

I also have my own microfilming question. UMI/ProQuest (whatever they
are calling
themselves this week) has filmed all but 2 years of the local county
newspaper. The 2
years that were left out were 1993 and 1994. I have contacted UMI
repeatedly about
getting these 2 missing years filmed, but I just get put off with the
"I'll check on it" and no one ever gets back to me.

Should I just pay another company to film these 2 years and forget about

Thanks for all advice and insights!
Liz Linton
Sweet Briar College