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Learned Publishing April issue -- Sallly Morris Stephen Clark 15 Apr 2002 13:11 UTC

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Subject: Learned Publishing April issue
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 15:40:15 +0100
From: Sally Morris <sec-gen@ALPSP.ORG>

Apologies for any cross-posting

 The April issue of Learned Publishing is now available at and we invite you to check it out.

Contents include some wide-ranging librarian perspectives on electronic
journal developments from Carol Hansen Montgomery (Drexel University
Library, PA), Emily McElroy (Loyola University Health Science Library,
Chicago), Walt Crawford (Research Libraries Group) and Michael Breaks
(Heriot Watt University Library).

In this issue's guest editorial,  Fytton Rowland casts an academic eye
the question of what users want.

Kent Anderson of the New England Journal of Medicine explores some ideas
about the useful archive.

Keith Silver of Academic Press/Elsevier Science reviews access for
developing countries

Andrew Berin (CUP) surveys some of the current models for accessing
journals and predicts which are likely to survive and Alastair Dryburgh
casts some helpful light on how to manage profitability in the current

Finally, Leanne Wiseman ( Faculty of Law, Queensland University of
Technology) surveys some copyright developments in Australia.

Why not make your contribution to the debate more widely available by
submitting it to the editor of the Journal at the address

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