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ALCTS AS Acquisitions Librarians / Vendors of Library Materials (Janet Flowers) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 17 May 2002 19:27 UTC

Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 12:12:58 -0400
From: "Janet L. Flowers" <jflowers@EMAIL.UNC.EDU>
Subject: ALCTS AS Acquisitions Librarians / Vendors of Library Materials
 Meeting Announcement

Please join the ALCTS AS Acquisitions Librarians / Vendors of Library
Materials Discussion Group.

Topic:  “The Changing Vendor / Library Landscape.”
Date:  Saturday, June 15th, 2002
Time:  8:30 -10:15 a.m.
Place:   Westin Hotel Atlanta Board Room E.

Nowadays, visits by vendor reps often deal with more than simply book or
serials purchases.  As staffing shrinks and acquisitions librarians work
more closely with other parts of technical services, these visits can
encompass many processing needs and involve a wide range of staff
members from outside of acquisitions. This program will offer
participants an opportunity to review those changes and assess their
impact upon the vendor / library relationship, including roles for niche
vendors as well the major players.

Panel Participants
Ann-Marie Breaux, Southeast Regional Manager/System Vendor Liaison, YBP
Colin Harrison, Chief Executive, Everetts Ltd.
Forrest Link, Northeastern Regional Manager, Midwest Library Services

The panelists will respond very informally to a series of questions
presented by the Moderator, Janet L. Flowers.  There will also be ample
opportunity for audience participation and reactions.

We have a number of candidates (including some serials vendors) who are
willing to serve in the exciting role of co-chairs, so please come and
show them your support during our election!

Co-Chairs ALCTS Acquisitions Librarians / Vendors of Library Materials
Discussion Group
Janet L. Flowers
Head / Acquisitions Department
CB 3902
Academic Affairs Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC  27514-8890 U.S.A.
Phone:  919-962-1120 /

Forrest E. Link, Northeastern Regional Manager
Midwest Library Service
11443 St Charles Rock Road
Bridgeton, MO  63044 U.S.A.
Phone:  800-325-8833, 856-829-9349 /