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Re: Serials staffing questions Dena Luce 03 Jun 2002 15:15 UTC

We only have 1 technician to handle serials checkin, record stats,
shelve/file materials, handle duplicate exchange and bindery.  I oversee
the serials area.  When the technician position is empty, I make sure that
daily checkin and shelving is done, whether I do it myself or have a
workstudy student take care of it.  If bindery is due, I'll either pull it
or wait until the next shipment, hoping to have a body in the office by
then.  It's not easy but you survive.  We're small enough that we can keep
up with the workflow.

Dena Lahue Luce         
Extended Services Librarian      (334) 386-7482 (ph.)
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Faulkner University
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From: Donna Yanney Bennett [mailto:dyanney@MAIL.GCSU.EDU]
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2002 9:04 AM
Subject: Serials staffing questions

I would like to know how other small or medium sized academic libraries
handle staff vacancies in serials.  I am interested in hearing from other
libraries that may have only one serials assistant and only one or two
other paraprofessionals  in technical services.

Who performs checkin or claiming while the serials paraprofessional is on
extended leave or has resigned--another staff member, a librarian, a
student worker, the library secretary, a part time temporary?  What serials
related duties are considered absolutely essential and which are
nonessential?  What is the average time to fill a staff vacancy?

At GC&SU staff are not reassigned to cover vacancies in serials.  I would
like to know how standard this procedure is.

Thanks for your input.  If you want to send replies directly to me, I would
be happy to summarize for the list.



Donna Yanney Bennett, Serials Librarian
Georgia College & State University Library
Milledgeville, GA  31061

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