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Re: Comments/advice, please: subscription vendors: EBSCO, SwetsBlackwell, Amy Wise (03 Jun 2002 16:56 UTC)

Re: Comments/advice, please: subscription vendors: EBSCO, SwetsBlackwell, Amy Wise 03 Jun 2002 16:56 UTC

divine/Faxon is an excellent vendor--we have always received outstanding
service from them. As for microform subscriptions, we find Proquest to be

Amy Wise

At 05:34 PM 5/31/02 -0400, Laura Zick wrote:
>Date:         Fri, 31 May 2002 17:13:48 -0400
>Subject:      Comments/advice, please:  subscription vendors:  EBSCO,
>              SwetsBlackwell,
>We are reviewing our options for a subscription vendor, looking
>specifically at, SwetsBlackwell, and EBSCO (Corporate Service
>Center).  I see some posts in list archives, but wonder if any of you can
>provide advice, raves, rants, etc. on the following specific points:
>quality of customer service -- do you think this is more dependent on the
>company or on the individual assigned to your account?
>on-site customer service rep -- do you have an on-site customer rep?  do
>you prefer this arrangement?  do you recommend it?
>global service -- is customer service consistent globally?  are your
>affiliates well- and expediently served?
>integration (or lack thereof) with book vendors -- do you buy books
>through your subscription vendor?  if so, how's the performance?
>negotiating/managing e content purchase and access -- does your vendor
>negotiate deals for e-journals?  do they negotiate well on your behalf? do
>they coordinate access for your users?  do they provide reliable usage
>statistics to you?
>who has the best user interface?
>what do you wish they would do for you that they do not currently do?
>have you done a formal evaluation (RFP?) of the three that you would be
>willing to share?
>If you prefer, reply to me offline (; I'll summarize
>back to the list.
>Many thanks!
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