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Re: SERIALST List Reconfigured: Important Changes in Test Mode Lauren Corbett 03 Jun 2002 18:20 UTC

First, I support the switch to the private mode if that's the best way for
the wonderful people monitoring this list and protecting us to carry out
the work

But I have to disagree with the broad sweep of Anna's statement.  For
example, members of search committees trying to fill a vacant serials
position may not have someone subscribed to the list, but would like to
post the position advertisement.  If it's difficult to do that, they may
not bother to post it to the most relevant list.  If you consider a job
advertisement to be spam, consider that not everyone may share that

>>From one who has been on a number of search committees over the years,

"Creech, Anna" wrote:

> Most listserv communities that I have been a part of have used the
> private configuration.  In my opinion, if someone wants to post
> something to the list for all to read, then they should be a part of
> this community.  If this community is not important enough for them to
> have subscribed themselves, then why should they wish to post a message
> here?  No matter how relevant the message may be, mail from parties not
> subscribed to a list is something I would consider to be spam.
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