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Re: Mis-addressing of labels (Was: Claiming Statistics) (Rick Anderson) SERIALST Moderator 24 Jun 2002 22:59 UTC

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:45:31 -0700
From: "Rick Anderson" <>
Subject: RE: Mis-addressing of labels (Was: Claiming Statistics) (Albert Henderson)

Albert says:

> There is no reason why the post office
> cannot deliver all mail directly to the library.
> All any library needs is a street address or PO box.

I say:

Actually, you need at least one other thing: a university that WANTS the
mail to be delivered directly to the library.  Some institutions (like
mine) insist on receiving all campus mail through a central location, and
restrict access to the campus in such a way as to ensure it.  A mail
truck could not get to my library's loading dock if it wanted to.

Now that I think about it, you need one more thing as well: a competent
postal service.  My experience living (and receiving mail) in various
parts of the country has led me to the conclusion that postal competence
is, to some degree, regionally concentrated.

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