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Re: Q for publishers (Was: RE: Mis-addressing of labels) (Idith Bar-Nachum) SERIALST Moderator 27 Jun 2002 16:22 UTC

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:36:44 +0300
From: Idith Bar-Nachum <>
Subject: RE: Q for publishers (Was: RE: Mis-addressing of labels) (Rick Anderson)

Rick -

When a publisher responds to an ADVANCED (2nd, 3rd etc.) claim by saying
- "The issue was sent on ......(date) - probably it is in transit to you
... please wait..."  or another typical answer - "The issue was sent on
... please check etc." - I cannot but call these answers - not serious:
in the time I do my 2nd or 3rd claim, the issue should have been here
long ago. So what is there to wait or to check? If the issue would have
arrived, would I perform a REPEATED claim?! I don't think so ...



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Rick Anderson wrote:

>Furthermore, I'm sure that libraries regularly claim issues that they
> have not yet received, but which are in transit from the publisher.
> From the publishers' end, that can only look like claiming
> something we
> already have.
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