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Journal confusion: International journal of comparative sociology and 2 other titles Naomi Young 04 Jun 2002 17:10 UTC


There is another argument going on between publishers and editorial boards
as to who "owns" a journal -- but at least this time, they are not all
publishing under the same title!

Brill no longer publishes:
International journal of comparative sociology (ISSN 0020-7152)
Journal of Asian and African studies (ISSN 0021-9096)
Journal of developing societies (ISSN 0169-796X)

However, the editor has taken these titles to another publisher, de Sitter,
and is continuing the titles.  Our subscription vendor (Harrassowitz) is
continuing our subscriptions through the new publisher. I do not know what
information or arrangements other vendors might have made.

Brill has announced "replacement" journals:
Comparative sociology (ISSN 1569-1322)
African and Asian studies (ISSN 1569-2904)
Perspectives on global development and technology (ISSN 1569-1500)

We were confused by the Brill announcement and closed the old titles.  That
seems to have been a mistake. And because the first title, especially, is
widely held, I thought I should pass the information on. The OCLC records
for the original titles now show the journals are current, and links to the
Brill journals have been removed.

Hope this is helpful -- if anyone else has clarifying information, please
jump in!

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