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Re: SERIALST List Reconfigured: Important Changes in Test Mode (Sandy Heft) Birdie MacLennan 04 Jun 2002 20:37 UTC

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 19:32:26 -0700
From: Sandy Heft <sandy.heft@SONOMA.EDU>
Subject: Job postings on Serialst

I agree with Lauren.  Job postings are an important part of most
library listservs: for applicants, prospective applicants, people
writing job descriptions, people wanting to know who else is hiring,
ad nauseum.  Let's keep them.


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> From: Lauren Corbett <lcorbet@EMORY.EDU>
> Organization: Emory University
> Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:20:59 -0400
> Subject: Re: SERIALST List Reconfigured: Important Changes in Test Mode

> First, I support the switch to the private mode if that's the best way
> for the wonderful people monitoring this list and protecting us to
> carry out the work
> But I have to disagree with the broad sweep of Anna's statement.  For
> example, members of search committees trying to fill a vacant serials
> position may not have someone subscribed to the list, but would like to
> post the position advertisement.  If it's difficult to do that, they
> may not bother to post it to the most relevant list.  If you consider a
> job advertisement to be spam, consider that not everyone may share that
> opinion.
> From one who has been on a number of search committees over the years,
> Lauren
> "Creech, Anna" wrote:
>> Most listserv communities that I have been a part of have used the
>> private configuration.  In my opinion, if someone wants to post
>> something to the list for all to read, then they should be a part of
>> this community.   If this community is not important enough for them
>> to have subscribed themselves, then why should they wish to post a
>> message here?  No matter how relevant the message may be, mail from
>> parties not subscribed to a list is something I would consider to be
>> spam.
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